Episode 235: Bayside


Anthony Raneri and Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside returned to Going Off Track to discuss their latest full-length “Vacancy,” the call-out culture of the Internet and why there’s so much more to life than relationships despite the fact that we fixate on them so much. We also discuss the dark period Raneri went through in Nashville while writing this record, why Ghanbarian still gets inspired to see new music and how getting older changes your perspective on the complexities of human interactions. “As a writer you have to force yourself to open up the box, you can’t just put the box in the closet,” Raneri explains. “You work through things in a more real way and it does come with maturity and not having an ego.” We also discuss the logistics of being in a band that’s based in different cities and Benny enlightens us on why he has the phrase “H20” etched into his water bottle in a serial killer-esque font. There’s a good reason, we swear.