Episode 238: Milemarker


Milemarker’s Al Burian and Dave Laney came by Going Off Track to discuss how they individually relocated to Germany, we also discuss Al’s zine “Burn Collector” and their most recent album “Overseas.” They also talk about their time organizing an underground collective venue in Europe, the history of the St. Pauli soccer team and the Germany’s volatile refugee policy… which is something that you admittedly don’t hear much about in the American press.

“Anything you don’t see becomes a myth but everything like that has actually happened and someone saw it and it was their life experience,” Burian says when asked what it’s like looking back on touring with now-legendary acts like At The Drive-In and Blood Brothers. “A lot of those bands were really good and deservedly remembered. I think it’s nice when something becomes mythical because it’s nice that it transcends the time and it becomes an archetype to some. I think that’s cool.”


Photo: Jana Vaculikova