Episode 239: Justin Pearson


You’re in for a treat because this week Justin Pearson from The Locust, Retox, Head Wound City, Crimson Curse and countless other legendary acts came by Going Off Track with guest host Jeremy Bolm from Touché Amoré. For eighty minutes we discuss the San Diego screamo scene in the nineties, including how seeing Suicidal Tendencies as a fifteen year old inspired Perason to start Struggle. We also get into an in-depth discussion about his now infamous appearance on The Jerry Springer Show in 1998, including how he got roughed up by the show’s security and what happened in the aftermath. Finally he discusses what he learned from engaging with a KKK Grand Wizard online while Bolm opens up about the time he managed to unintentionally befriend a member of The Westboro Baptist Church due to the power of direct dialogue. “Right after the Springer episode aired people recognized me a lot from the show and it was bad,” Pearson says looking back nearly 30 years later on this bizarre phenomenon. “But I remember my grandparents watched it and even though I was making out with a dude, they were just psyched that I was on the show.”