Episode 240: Walter Schreifels


Hardcore legend Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today) returned to Going Off Track to discuss how he began his lifelong obsession with music, what it was like growing up in Rockaway, Queens and his own bands ranging from The Rodents to Rival Schools. We also discuss the underrated nature of the band Foreigner, how Schreifels maintains a laid-back nature while being one of the most accomplished songwriters in the scene and his two current musical projects, Vanishing Life and Dead Heavens. “We were so successful in convincing people of the youth crew movement but then it started getting stale because there wasn’t enough variety anymore,” Schreifels responds when asked how he created something as groundbreaking as Quicksand in 1990. “Quicksand just wanted to make something with all the power of hardcore and loosen it up, just see where it goes,” he continues, adding that the project was as influenced by hip-hop as it was Fugazi. You’ve heard interviews with Walter before but you probably haven’t heard one as in-depth as this one.

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