Episode 241: Atom Willard & James Bowman


Against Me!’s drummer Atom Willard and guitarist James Bowman came by Going Off Track to talk about what it’s like being in one of punk’s premiere acts, conspiracy theories and riding motorcycles. We also discuss ¬†Willard’s impressive musical career which ranges from Rocket From The Crypt to The Offspring, their collective obsession with the reality sword-making television show “Forged In Fire” and writing letters to bands and baseball players as kids (if you wrote to RFTC in the nineties, there’s probably a pretty good chance that Atom wrote back to you directly.) If you’re a fun of puns and extremely witty wordplay, you’re going to love this episode. If you aren’t, this might not be the right podcast for you anyway. Spoiler alert: We also learn that Atom is lactose intolerant but also would gladly sign on for a yogurt endorsement. Stoneyfield Farm if you’re listening, get in touch.