Episode 243: Death Spells


Death Spells aka Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) and James Dewees (The Get Up Kids, Reggie And The Full Effect) came by Going Off Track to discuss their musical collaboration Death Spells. Along the way we also discuss emo night/nostalgia, the time the duo got sushi with RZA and what it was like composing music for his film “The Man With The Iron Fists.” (Even if both of their names were misspelled in the credits.) We also talk with Dewees about what it’s like being a 40 year old that’s still playing music and trying to be an adult, hear why Iero doesn’t take his social media presence too seriously despite the fact that he has over 600 thousand impassioned followers and the fact that fans are still discovering Death Spells as well as their various other projects including A New Found Glory, Coalesce, Leathermouth and more. “I got into music in a very organic way through friends’ siblings and getting mixtapes from bands that I didn’t have the chance to see live and now that’s happening again with bands that I’ve been in and it feels surreal and at the same really nice that the art is still living and breathing and growing,” Iero explains, adding that it’s strange to be both a current artist and a “classic” one. Hopefully we can all age as gracefully as these two extremely prolific musicians.

Photo: Ivan Balashov