Episode 244: Travis Shettel


Piebald frontman Travis Shettel came by Going Off Track for a “lost in the archives” episode that sees him talking about the indie rock band’s long-awaited reunion, the Boston hardcore scene that helped raise his ban d and what it’s like working at a trendy bar in Los Angeles without killing anyone. We also discuss the insular nature of Piebald’s dynamic, what it was like spending his twenties on tour and why the band never became a mainstream act despite the fact that they had a commercially viable sound. “I wouldn’t change it all, it was an experience that so few people get to have and I know I’m lucky to have it” Shettel reminisces at one point. “I know everyone has different life experiences and being in Piebald was my twenties; that’s when we would get in the van and just and drive and play and it seemed like what other life could there be? Some office job or something? I don’t think so.” Take it from Jonah, though they only tour intermittently these days, Piebald are at the top of their game. Also check out Travis’ other musical projects listed below.


The Past Haunts

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