Episode 245: Greg Graffin


Bad Religion frontman and Ph.D Greg Graffin came by Going Off Track to discuss his latest book Population Wars: A New Perspective On Competition And Coexistence, his new Americana-inspired album Millport which he made alongside members of Social Distortion and how he’s managed to balance his academic pursuits with being the frontman of one of the most legendary punk acts of all-time. He teases a future novel of speculative fiction that has been ruminating in his brain, how he feels like Bad Religion’s new drummer Jamie Miller reinvigorated the band and how you keep a punk rock act going strong for over thirty years. “If you’re doing something that’s good for the environment it’s got to be internally satisfying,” he explains when asked how he stays hopeful while so many people freely denigrate the planet. “I think one of the chapters in Population Wars starts off by saying, ‘My hope for humanity is often times squashed by my observation by my fellow man.’ If you drive your desire to recycle is based on the hope that everyone is going to get on board you’re really setting yourself up for a big letdown.” We could all learn a lot from Doctor Graffin.