Episode 246: Russian Circles


All three members of Russian Circles: Mike Sullivan, Dave Turncrantz and occasional Going Off Track guest host Brian Cook came by the podcast while promoting their latest album “Guidance” for a rare group interview with Jonah. Of the course of our conversation we discuss their joke nu metal band called Gypsy Foot, why they don’t have microphones onstage (it has something to do with the fact that both of their video interviews have gotten them banned from magazines) and how as an instrumental band they go about naming their songs. “What one person might take away from the song might be totally different from the next person so normally it’s just acknowledgement of people and places that mean something to us as a band and we’re grateful for. It’s usually positive stuff that resonates with us that doesn’t say too much about anything at all,” Sullivan explains. We also discuss our mutual love for true crime television, why the band prefer writing music together in person as opposed to working online and Cook’s recent experience teaching a bass workshop at Berkelee College Of Music. Oh and if you were wondering if Russian Circles were planning on adding a saxophone player anytime soon, don’t count on it.

Photo: Paul Blau