Episode 247: Scott Hutchison


Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison came by Going Off Track to discuss the how being in a rock band fools you into thinking you’ll be young forever, the way his creative process works and the true nature of happiness. Don’t let the existential anguish fool you though, this is a very lighthearted conversation that also touches on the freeing experience of his solo project Owl John, the interminable nature of conference calls and why the Scottish songwriter went to art school to study illustration but quickly grew disillusioned with the social aspects of academia. “I think a lot of people expect us to be kind of sad live but I think it’s actually kind of the opposite,” he explains at one point. “That surprise element [of performing live] is kind of arresting in a way. It’s refreshing to be a character onstage because it’s a break from being yourself; I’m not that effusive on a daily basis but I kind of enjoy that pretending aspect of it.” If you’ve never seen Frightened Rabbit live, trust us, buy tickets the next time they come to your town and there’s a good chance they’ll be your new favorite band. Case in point: Last year’s “Portrait Of A Panic Attack” was Jonah’s #1 album of 2016.

Frightened Rabbit

Owl John

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