Episode 248: Jared Scharff


Saturday Night Live house guitarist Jared Scharff came by Going Off Track to discuss how he got late night music’s most sought after gig, his own musical project Pearl Lion and the joys of discovering Jeff Beck later in life. We also discuss why the music business is even worse than dating in the modern era, the time he made a half a million dollar major-label album with his band Carbondale when he was 22 years old and how he’s managed to unite his love of music and hockey via his Web series “Unnecessary Shredding.” “I like to think that I make non-guitar music with guitar,” Scharff says at one point. “I want to make music that affects everybody not just guitar guys. I never cared about that kind of stuff because the goal for me is to create something that can appeal all different types of people.” You can catch Jared politely smiling behind the SNL host every weekend but if you really want to dig deep into the world of Scharff, definitely check out his own musical projects where he’s free to express himself and his display virtuosic playing in a pure and unfiltered way.

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