Episode 249: Buddy Nielsen


Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen returned to Going Off Track to explain why he loves making an impact positive or negative on his audience, the joy he receives from ¬†occasionally playing a bad guy onstage and the politics of the Warped Tour. We also discuss how Nielsen was able to mellow out and become less judgmental about himself, what inspired him to publicly open up about his sexuality and mental illness and why he felted warranted into calling out the singer of Atilla on Warped Tour for insulting the LGBT community. “A lot of younger bands are like. ‘We really like you guys but we wish you would stop talking shit about us’ but this is what has to be done,” he recounts at one point. “I’ve had run-ins in the past where people have called us out for doing stupid shit and we learned our lessons but nowadays it doesn’t work like that. There’s not this level of people policing anymore.” If nothing else, Nielsen’s message strives for inclusion whether it’s at a summer festival or one of the band’s sold out anniversary shows supporting their 2006 album “Still Searching”… and as a punk fan, that’s a pretty difficult sentiment to argue against.

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