Episode 250: Harley Flanagan


Cro-Mags founding member Harley Flanagan came by Going Off Track with guest host Emil Amos (Om, Grails) to discuss the genesis of his memoir “Hard-Core: Life Of My Own” and why he wanted to do it before someone else did posthumously. He also discusses what it was like growing up in the Lower East Side and hanging out with icons like Andy Warhol and The Clash before as a preteen, how seeing Bad Brains changed his life and what happened when he met Renzo Gracie and became involved in the Jiu-Jitsu community. “I loved growing up in the Lower East Side in the old days, it was a special neighborhood: In my building Allen Ginsberg lived on the fifth floor, Richard Hell lived on the sixth floor and Luc Sante lived next door to me,” Flanagan says, reminiscing about a childhood that often borders on surreal. “The whole building was a lot of influential, creative people… it was a crazy experience with a lot of crime and a lot of drugs and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.” Flanagan also discusses the Cro-Mags classic album “The Age Of Quarrel,” why he doesn’t let gentrification get him down and what it was like recently recording a song for the New York Rangers.

Harley Flanagan

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