Episode 252: Silverstein


Silverstein frontman Shane Told and bassist Billy Hamilton came by Going Off Track’s last episode recorded at Rubber Tracks to discuss record collecting, their connection with fans and the way the music industry has changed since the band began back in 2000. We also discuss how Silverstein have managed to not only survive but continue to grow more popular with each passing year, why Told started his own excellent podcast “Lead Singer Syndrome” and list the myriad reasons why Grade are the most underrated screamo band ever. We also discuss the time Billy tried to fight a drunk guy in Australia for stealing Silverstein’s beer mid-song, the making of the band’s new video for “Ghost” and what it’s been like watching the bands who have opened for them such as A Day To Remember and The Devil Wears Prada go on to become superstars. “If I could invest in the stock markets of bands I’d be the Warren Buffet,” Told says when asked about what it’s been like to take out acts like Pierce The Veil over the years. “We like to think we helped them get there by putting them in front of our fans and we try to treat them well as opening bands and they normally return the favor.” Apparently the sidewalk ends on Karma Street.


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