Episode 253: Josh Bayer


Josh Bayer is a comic book artist and drawing teacher who recently created expanded artwork for Integrity’s reissue of “Humanity Is The Devil.” He came by Going Off Track to discuss the turning point that made him want to pursue comics as a career, his experiences meeting Henry Rollins and how his brother Samuel Bayer (who directed the video for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) let him stay with him in Los Angeles when he has nowhere else to turn. We also discuss the merits of free food at Krishna temples, Bayer’s time working as a psychic and the validating nature of teaching tomorrow’s youth about his chosen art form. If you’re interested in Josh’s work we recommend checking out Suspect Device, Henry And Glenn Forever and Screw Job, although you can’t really go wrong with any of it. “When you start drawing your first Popeye script you’re doing an apprenticeship in a way,” Bayer says about when he was starting out his comic career by taking other people’s comics and drawing them in his own way before developing his own highly distinctive style. Oh and in case you were wondering, Josh is not related to Jonah… although they both do love Integrity.

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