Episode 255: Tim Kasher


Cursive and The Good Life frontman Tim Kasher returns to Going Off Track to discuss why he moved to Los Angeles, reminisce about the Omaha/Saddle Creek heyday and discuss his upcoming feature film debut No Resolution. (In case you were wondering, yes, Kasher’s latest solo album with the same name will serve as its soundtrack.) We also wax about how getting older has affected his relationships, the intensely personal nature of his writing and why sometimes you have to emotionally abandon your loved ones in order to create uncompromising art. “Now that we’ve started our own label it can’t be about money making, it’s just all about doing your own stuff,” Kasher explains when discussing the new imprint he started with his Cursive bandmates, 15 Passenger Records. “I still love to buy records and it’s important to me so [the goal of the label is] trying to reach out to those like-minded people but also entice other people that are used to only using Spotify.” In other words, use the link below and buy some of Tim’s music in a tangible form, okay?

Tim Kasher


15 Passenger Records