Episode 257: We Are Scientists


We Are Scientists a.k.a. Keith Murray and Chris Cain came by Going Off Track to discuss moving from California to Brooklyn to start the band, the challenges of songwriting when you’re too comfortable and why they may not have the same kinship with New York bands that you might imagine that they do We also discuss why they don’t totally identify with the early 2000s dance-rock vibe that put them on the map, their interesting pre-band careers, their latest album Helter Seltzer and how they manage to balance the band while maintaining a family. “With our band I think people perceive a certain friend group but we’re not friends with many of them,” Cain explains. “We’re not enemies either… but we could be if they make the wrong move.” Don’t let their looks fool you, you do not want to cross this duo. But you should check out their music.

We Are Scientists