Episode 259: Rachel Feinstein


Comedian Rachel Feinstein came by Going Off Track to discuss her approach to stand-up, why being a comedian is better than being a musician and how she prepared for last year’s hilarious Comedy Central special Only Whores Wear Purple. However most of this podcast is taken up by an epic story submitted by Nikki Glaser in our “Mystery Friend” segment that sees her talking about dating a “guttural alcoholic” who was obsessed with online flight stimulators. Seriously, we can’t really do this story justice so just listen to the podcast if you want to hear more. We also discuss Feinstein’s long friendship with Glaser and Amy Schumer, what it’s like to be a woman in a largely male-dominated profession and how it feels to attend a virtual war funeral. “My material comes from experiences in my life and I also imitate people, so I would do that growing up and entertain myself that way but it was also a defense,” Feinstein says of what inspired her to be funny. “Like most comics, I got wildly bad grades and I would talk shit and mock things… but I probably would have mocked things even if I didn’t get bad grades because that’s fun to do.” We couldn’t agree more.

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