Episode 260: John Agnello


Legendary producer John Agnello came by Going Off Track with guest host Emil Amos (Holy Sons, Grails) to discuss their dynamic making the latest Holy Sons record, Agnello’s experiences recording everyone from Jawbox to Dinosaur Jr and his early days cutting his teeth at the iconic New York City recording studio, The Record Plant. We also discuss what keeps Agnello excited about more recent acts like Kurt Vile and Motion City Soundtrack, why his favorite records such as Guided By Voices’ “Bee Thousand” are admittedly lo-fi and reminisce about the nineties alternative scene that Angello captured via acts like Sonic Youth. “We were working on Dinosaur Jr’s “Without A Sound” the day they found Kurt Cobain’s body in Manhattan and the whole day we just sat in the lounge watching MTV,” Agnello recounts. “I thought they would make a shitload of records, Kurt seemed so prolific and great as an artist. I wouldn’t say I thought he would have a Neil Young scope of a career but I never would have thought he died that young.” If you enjoy this podcast you definitely should check out Agnello’s recording podcast with Stewart Lerman, “Gear Club” where he delves far deeper into audio explorations in an equally entertaining way.

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