Episode 261: Duncan Trussell


Comedian and host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Duncan Trussell came by Going Off Track with frequent collaborator and friend of the podcast Emil Amos (Grails, Om) for an epic conversation that you have to hear to fully comprehend. Along the way we discuss the true nature of compassion, why you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing psychedelics and the reason Duncan refers to his bicycle as a “dopamine machine.” We also discuss Emil’s ritualistic relationship with art and how it parallels Duncan’s relationship with his spiritual teacher Ram Dass and how a meditation practice can help us gain mental clarity over time. “Where you’re at right now you’ve got all the way in exactly where you are, you’ve reached the apex of where you are at this moment,” Trussell says, explaining that often times the right path is the one you didn’t even realize that you were already on. “You dress a certain way, you do things that only you do and so there you are. The confusing thing is that you aren’t wearing orange robes or identifying with some group.” Despite the heady nature of this podcast, there is also a lot of laughs and we decided to do minimal editing and keep it lengthy because a lot of these ideas have to be fully explored in order to gain any semblance of clarity. We hope you get as much out of listening to this podcast as we did making it and that these ideas stick with you long after the episode has ended.

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

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