Episode 265: Geoff Rickly


Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly returned to Going Off Track to discuss the the impetus behind the band getting back on the road, the saga of Martin Shkreli and how he’s been keeping busy working for a publicity agency and continuing to help break new bands. “We haven’t gotten a chance to do this in so long that [Thursday] just want to make something beautiful,” Rickly explains when asked about the band’s then-upcoming tour with Touche Amore and Basement. “Right now is such a heightened emotional climate for politics so I feel like [our shows] are a really welcoming place to express yourself, be met with open arms and have compassion for everybody. That was always the simple message of Thursday and I sometimes wonder if it was too little, if it wasn’t political enough, and right now the simplicity of our message in such a cruel time feels like something I really want to do.” We have no idea what Thursday’s future plans are but Geoff is very active on Twitter, even with trolls (which we also address on the podcast), so you can follow him there and chances are he’ll engage with you to build a dialogue. Just try to be civil because a little understanding goes a long way… even in a car crash. (Sorry.)


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photo: Carly Hoskins