Episode 267: Chris Daly


Chris Daly, the drummer for Texas Is The Reason came by Going Off Track to discuss the way his family helped forge and cultivate his love of The Grateful Dead and how the jam band got him interested in music at an early age. We also discuss the possibly of a Jets To Brazil reunion with frontman Blake Schwarzenbach now that Jawbreaker are playing shows again (don’t get too excited), Daly’s current obsession with dub music which birthed his current act High Disciple and his current career as a high-end hairdresser who actually cut Jonah’s mom’s luscious locks once, not even knowing that her son was a famous podcaster at first. “I’ll tell you right now, with Texas Is The Reason the when the offers were bigger made it easier to step away from our lives and families so it was enticing in that way, but ultimately it’s fun for us to be together and we enjoy being in each other’s company,” Daly explains when asked what the motivation was for his legendary post-hardcore band to reunite a few years ago. “There’s a lot of work involved in getting it and a lot of pressure in getting it to sound the best that it could sound and I don’t think we would have done it if we didn’t think it was fun.” If you saw the way the band members were grinning throughout these shows, it’s obvious that this statement is true.

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Why are we laughing in the intro?