Episode 269: Kayleigh Goldsworthy


Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kayleigh Goldsworthy came by Going Off Track to talk about how her parents introduced hear to Hole and Veruca Salt, her musical connection with her twin sister and the way she’s ended up playing alongside everyone from Chuck Ragan to Dave Hause. We also discuss her fascination with tarot cards, why she quit her job to jump on the Revival Tour and how to stay healthy on the road. “For the most part I’ve never really had an issue because I’ve been touring for 15 years at this point I try really hard to be one of the guys,” Goldsworthy explains when asked what it’s like being on the lone female in certain touring situations. “I just try to draw the least amount of attention as I can aside from curling my hair before a show and wearing skirts, because I like doing that. Just because I’m there I know I’m upsetting the way that just a bunch of dudes interact each other but I like to think maybe I raised the morale a little bit and made it classier.” We feel like Kayleigh definitely made our podcast classier, especially when she reminisces about being from Earth Crisis’ hometown.

Photo by Keehatay Lewis