Episode 270: Desmin Borges


Actor and star of the FX/FXX comedy/drama “You’re The Worst” came by on the cusp of its fourth season, to talk about his character Edgar Quintero’s carefully curated depiction of what it’s like to be a veteran coping with PTSD. Along the way we also discuss why he moved to New York, from Chicago, his disbelief that Donald Trump is our president and the reason that he practices his lines both sober and wasted in order to gain a new perspective on possible outcomes. “I always feel like it’s my job to give voice to the voiceless and not only with my own voice but also through Edgar,” he explains when asked about why the character is so important to him. “But I could say that for every character on the show, there aren’t a lot of characters that are on television consistently and together.” If you haven’t seen “You’re The Worst” yet, the new season kicks off on September 6th so you’ve still go plenty of time to stream the first three seasons. Trust us, you didn’t want to go outside this week anyway.

You’re The Worst

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