Episode 271: Tigers Jaw


Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins came by Going Off Track to discuss coming up in the Scranton music scene, our shared love of David Bazan and Tigers Jaw’s new album “spin.” We also discuss Ben’s new business Hello Donuts, their respective Master’s Degrees, indie rock from the Pacific Northwest and their recent decision to make the band a full-time endeavor despite their academic ambitions. “I don’t have the time to split the time anymore because both reached the same point where both will suffer and it became very apparent that the band is what we want to do,” Walsh explains at one point. “It’s so fun, it’s so fulfilling, it’s so creatively what we want to be doing so it was a difficult decision but we’ve been fortunate enough to have really cool opportunities and you kind of have to follow it or those things won’t keep happening.” The band embark on a month-long tour supporting Manchester Orchestra this week so after listening to this podcast, you’ve got no excuse not to see Tigers Jaw when they come through your town.

Tigers Jaw

Hello Donuts