Episode 273: Busy Philipps


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Actress Busy Philipps (Freaks And Geeks, Dawson’s Creek) came by Going Off Track to discuss to benefits of Bulletproof coffee, her intense daily workout regimen and vaping CBD oil. We also talk about her new hypochondriac-friendly podcast with Steve Agee “We’re No Doctors,” the second season of the HBO series “Vice Principals” and why she doesn’t feel like she needs to apologize for product placement on her massive Instagram feed. “I do think it’s bullshit that artists or celebrities get put on blast for doing these kinds of partnerships because all we’re doing really in creating content for television—or anything—is creating space in between ads… and if the general public doesn’t understand that they’re stupider than I thought,” she says of the dim-witted critics who actually complain to her about this kind of stuff. “What’s the difference with me being in “Cougar Town” or taking money directly from these brands I’m promoting? There is no difference.” Finally we also highlight her favorite recent indie rock releases, the reason Busy thinks our phones may be listening to us and why she still loves being social despite having spent nearly two years in the spotlight.

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