Episode 274: Simon Doom


Simon O’Connor came by Going Off Track to discuss his solo project Simon Doom, how a crust punk from NYC ended up at Wesleyan University and the time he got kicked out of the New York Stock Exchange. He also discusses his brief career as the “mayor of lemonade” at Yankee stadium, the major-label rollercoaster, his previous acts Amazing Baby and Kuroma and how he ended up playing bass in his not-so-obscure college band once again. “MGMT is a lot of fun and I get to be with my best friends and tour but they also know my heart is in Simon Doom,” he explains. “I play in MGMT but it isn’t my band and I think they allow room for it in a good way.” (Hey, as far as day jobs, go playing huge festivals sure beats cutting lemons.) We also discuss why Tom Scharpling’s support helped legitimize Simon Doom to Simon himself, his experience going to guitar camp as a teenager and the two Jim Carrolls in his life.