Episode 275: The Movielife


The Movielife vocalist Vinnie Caruana and guitarist Brandon Reilly came by Going Off Track to celebrate their first album in fourteen years, “Cities In Search Of A Heart.” Vinnie also tells a dark trilogy of stories about different ways he learned the hard way that “emo nights” aren’t always conducive to hip-hop and how he managed to alienate both crowd members and organizers in the process. We also discuss the pains of handwriting in the digital era, why Silent Majority never gained a huge following outside of Long Island and our favorite Jawbreaker records. “Even if you did make the best record of all-time that still doesn’t mean that anyone has time for it and they may have the Movielife songs they like and not want to hear more,” Caruana says at one point. “So all we could do is just make a killer record and hope that there are some people that it moves and it gets under their skin.”

The Movielife

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Photo by Shervin Lainez