Episode 276: Craig Wedren


Shudder To Think frontman Craig Wedren came by Going Off Track to discuss his new solo album “Adult Desire,” composing the music for “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” and his live series of Sabbath Sessions which are the perfect soundtrack for dreaming and meditation. We also discuss Shudder To Think’s major-label rollercoaster and what it was like opening for bands like Pearl Jam during their nineties heyday, how Wedren started composing music for films and ended up working on everything from “Anchorman” to “School Of Rock” and what it was like growing up in Cleveland alongside the creator of The State and his longtime collaborator David Wain. “Music needs to be free,” Wedren says of how his old art-rock band was able to seamlessly fit in on the Dischord Records roster. “It was always very important—and still is that the music I’m involved in—that the music I was making helped people feel freer and better and more connected to themselves and each other so that was what Shudder To Think became.” Listening to those records now, as well as Wedren’s subsequent work, that sentiment still rings true.

Craig Wedren