Episode 277: Mariel Loveland


Mariel Loveland of Best Ex (formerly known as Candy Hearts) came by Going Off Track to discuss her contemptuous relationship with online trolls, the emotional rollercoaster she endured in Candy Hearts and why she wanted to start a musical project as a way of starting fresh. We also talk about what it’s like to be a twin, why the worst pizza she’s ever had was in Ohio and why Loveland has a complicated relationship with social media. “There have maybe been one or two tours where this wasn’t an issue because I’m a girl,” Loveland says at one point. “Whether it’s someone sending me pictures I don’t want in one of the bands and just stuff like that. I’m very shy and I can’t be bros with the people I’m touring with the same way that the guys in my band are; they form these really strong friendships whereas I can’t connect on that level because I’m just not the same as them.” Hopefully moving forward this won’t be as much of an issue for Loveland because she is a truly gifted songwriter whose voice needs to be heard, whether it’s via Best Ex or candid interviews like this one.

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