Episode 280: Eugene Hütz


Gogol Bordello frontman and gypsy punk Eugene Hütz came by Going Off Track on the way to DJing a party for Judd Apatow to discuss how a woman lured him to Rio, what it was like recoding at the Dischord-approved Inner Ear Studios and working with everyone from Rick Rubin to Les Claypool. We also discuss Hütz’s friendship with Madonna, his acting career and the magical qualities of Brazil. “You can dig into your own performance from very many different sides,” he responds when ask about how he approaches his art. “It can start as bravado and degenerate into existential rage or it can go the other way around. It’s not really important. I think what’s important is achieving that frequency and altering the vibration and being able to lead people onto that with you so it becomes a shared experience—and a shared experience that’s very tangible to the point that just about anything you’re seems to be appropriate.” Take our word for it when we tell you that whether you’re a huge fan or just learning about Hütz, it’s impossible not to get swept up the romanticism of his attitude toward his life and work.

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