Episode 281: Power Trip


Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale and drummer Chris Ulsh came by Going Off Track to regale us with some of the most insane stories we’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Topics include: The time Riley faked being Jewish to go on a Brithright Trip to Israel, what it means to visit “Planet 5” and the time Power Trip fought Suicide Silence onstage during a festival—and, seriously, that’s just the tip of the DMT-soaked iceberg. “I’m a spiritual person but [my beliefs] are a very abstract thing in the sense that I think it’s arrogant to believe that we are the most highly evolved beings in the universe,” Gale says during one of the podcast’s many existential moments which range from politics to spirituality to Russian literature. “Does it mean that our life came from a higher source? I don’t know. But we still have a lot to learn—and when you stop thinking that you have something to learn that’s when you start doing damage.” Speaking of which if you see Power Trip live try not to do damage to yourself because their infectious brand of metalcore is the type is guaranteed to induce nonstop headbanging. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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photo by Renate Winter