Episode 282: Jonah Matranga


Jonah Matranga was the very first person to sit down and record a podcast with us six years ago and this time around the frontman from Far, New End Original, Gratitude and onelinedrawing returns to talk about punk, emo, and being a crowd-funding pioneer. He also tells how he maybe kept it too real when he told Coca-Cola to keep the $150,000 that they were offering to license one of his songs for a TV commercial. “Ever since Napster I’ve been saying there’s no use in getting mad at this technology it’s just like getting mad at the sun, it’s just something that exists,” says the always-prescient Matranga who made his art available using a pay-what-you-want model long before the invention of iTunes. We also talk about how technology has lead to an oversaturated output of media where nothing seems to have staying power, Matranga’s decades-long relationship with the Deftones and of course his amazing new book “Alone Rewinding”, a memoir that’s inextricably linked to his 25-year-long career as an artist in the truest sense of the word. 

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