Episode 283: Chris Farren


Songwriter and social media guru Chris Farren returned once again to Going Off Track to discuss the genesis of his wildly popular online persona, how he overcame his apprehension about being a frontman and why he’s on board with Arbys. Benny and Chris also tell an epic story about a party gone wrong in Saint Augustine, Florida, that results in a fight and trip to the hospital. We also discuss blocking people on Twitter, new approaches to promoting shows and watching YouTube covers of your own band. “When I started doing this alone it was really scary and the only way I could kind of figure out how to make it not to feel bad for myself was just to make it insane and have giant pictures of my face behind me and stuff like that because there’s something obviously so narcissistic about simply playing under your own name,” Farren says at one point. “I totally recognize that and something that turns me off about some artists is taking themselves too seriously, so diffusing that off the bat has been huge for me.” Whether you’re a hardcore Chris Farren fan or just want to hear about his personal journey from being the frontman of Fake Problems to being an internationally recognized hot guy with glasses, this episode is an insightful glimpse into the mind of a truly special individual.

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Photo by Erica Lauren