Episode 284: Scott Winegard


Texas Is The Reason and New End Original bassist and internationally renowned vegan chef Scott Winegard stopped by Going Off Track discuss how he transitioned from the stage to the kitchen. Along we way we also discuss his early days working at restaurants in New York’s East Village, the seedy underbelly of the truffle business and his current role opening new hot spots and working in Los Angeles as the Director Of Culinary Operations at Matthew Kenney Cuisine. “We have so many people who come to us because they have allergies or they’re sick and I want our guests to have a great experience,” Winegard says about his approach to fussy diners. “Being a vegan you are being told ‘no’ all the time so I’m going to do everything that’s reasonable to give you what you want.” Finally, we also discuss Winegard’s love of Bad Brains, how Texas Is The Reason fell in love with Led Zeppelin on the road and what it’s like cooking on cable with Heidi Klum.

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