Episode 289: Jeff Rosenstock


Jeff Rosenstock returned to the podcast to discuss his brand new surprise record “Post-” and how he managed to pull off a surprise release in an age where keeping a secret is more difficult than ever. Along the way we talk about Rosenstock’s unrequited love of the New York Knicks, his latest gig scoring the Cartoon Network show “Craig Of The Creek” and his days of working at a pizzeria in Athens, Georgia. We also spend a large chunk of the podcast discussing Rosenstock’s instinctual approach to his career and the way he is able to reconcile his art with commerce without sacrificing his DIY ideals. Jeff truly is the real deal and the fact that he’s been able to build such an impressive career on his own terms is a testament to his talent as a performer. He’s also incredibly personable… so next time you see him at your local Pizza Hut, make sure you say you heard him on Going Off Track.

Jeff Rosenstock