Episode 290: Nate Kinsella


Nate Kinsella came by Going Off Track to discuss his career playing in bands like Joan Of Arc, Make Believe and most recently American Football. We learn the long arc of how he went from performing with his cousins Mike and Tim Kinsella in Chicago to his current role doing live sound in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Along the way we also hear about the time he ended up doing hard time for expressing his disdain for organized religion, his international adventures during American Football’s reunion run and the time Nate stayed on Jonah’s couch in Ohio over a decade ago. Finally we get into the genesis of Nate’s latest musical project Birthmark and the epic show he staged at Rough Trade in 2016 which featured numerous special guests and is also what you should watch on YouTube right now.

Check out Birthmark

Watch the Rough Trade show

PHOTO CREDIT: Shervin Lainez