Episode 291: Tiny Moving Parts


Tiny Moving Parts frontman Dylan Mattheisen came by Going Off Track to discuss how he developed his two-handed tapping technique, his ingrained love of the Vikings and what it’s been like being in a band with his two cousins since junior high school. We also talk about what it was like growing up in a small town like Benson, Minnesota, Mattheisen’s short-lived career as a Zamboni driver and why living at your parents’ place isn’t so bad if the house is stocked with frozen pizzas. “People back home are supportive, they don’t know anything about the music stuff because there aren’t any bands from Benson but they’ll come see us in Minneapolis and stuff and it’s really cool,” Mattheisen says when talking about how Tiny Moving Parts are received in their hometown. Try as we might, we couldn’t corrupt him with any of our big city cynicism but we still encourage you to check out the trio’s fantastic new album “Swell” which comes out this week.

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