Episode 294: Steak Mtn


Our favorite misanthrope and visual artist Chris Norris aka Steak Mtn. returned to Going Off Track to discuss his new book, “Hunchback ’88” and the laborious process behind its existence. Along the way we also talk about why he’s both thankful and embarrassed by the fact that he’s still involved in punk and hardcore, what it was like growing up in a trailer park run by teenagers and if society will continue its slow downward spiral toward death and destruction. “I think that if nuclear war doesn’t happen it’s either going to turn into “Blade Runner” or it’s going to tank,” he predicts. “But I think it’s going to turn into “Blade Runner” because people don’t think it’s going to end with them; I think that human resilience and the arrogance of the human race will just drag it out. It’ll be like end of the last “Lord Of The Rings” movie where there are like 47 endings and we’ll all be like, “this isn’t over yet?” However it’s not all doom and gloom and along the way we also rank our favorite “Die Hard” movies, discuss the legacy of Bill & Ted and get a rare glimpse into Norris’ shrouded family life. If you dig it, please order Chris’ book using the link below. Hell, you might even make him smile.

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