Episode 295: #295 – Screaming Females


Screaming Females frontwoman Marissa Paternoster came by Going Off Track to discuss the New Brunswick Grease Truck scene, how bands like Huggy Bear inspired her to start playing music as a teenager and what it why the trio have been so loyal to their label, Don Giovanni Records. We also discuss the way she developed her guitar style and how the Internet has brought us closer together yet made us feel more isolated at the same time. “I definitely engage in social media a lot because of band stuff so it just puts puts this really weird magnifying glass on people that I don’t actually interact with on a day to day basis,” Paternoster recounts. “It’s just so bizarre to think about being a teenager and not having access to that stuff and doing things like sitting in the hallway and staring at the wall because I feel like a lot of my good ideas and a lot of really helpful processing happened from just sitting around and staring at walls” That said, you might want to stare at a wall after listening to Screaming Females’ brand new full-length “All At Once” because we’re pretty sure it will blow your mind.

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photo by: Grace Winter