Episode 296: Andrew W.K.


The enigmatic Andrew W.K. returned to Going Off Track to discuss why he never pictured himself as a professional musician growing up, his philosophical views of partying and why his latest album “You’re Not Alone” took twelve years to complete. “With the creative process it doesn’t seem like you can set the conditions to receive an idea and I don’t even think that’s something I’ve been able to do reliably,” he says when asked what inspired him to grind away at this inspirational album even when it wasn’t easy. “But when [the idea] does happen you’re obligation is to jump on it and to put down everything and go.” We also discuss interest in fashion, his first job in New York City at Comme des Garcons and how he got the members of the death metal band Obituary to back him by writing them a letter as a young fan. Finally we cover his 24-hour drummathon, the power of turning off your rational mind to realize your dreams and how he keeps his signature white T-shirt and jeans the perfect amount of grimy. As with most things Andrew W.K., there is a method to his madness… and his views of the transformative power of music run so deep that we barely scratched the surface here.

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photo: Nina Ottolino