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This week, Hopeless Records founder, Louis Posen regales us with tales of how he cold-called both NoFX and Green Day, offering to make music videos and ended up doing "Bob" for Fat Mike and the gang. Guttermouth pushed him to release the first Hopeless Records single, using money made from his baseball card collection and he beat Tim Armstrong to Monster Plug by showing up.


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Going Off Track is a weekly interview podcast hosted by Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) and producer Brad Worrell (The Goops, Soundwag). The show's guest list leans musical but with plenty of other interesting folks thrown in now and again. MORE...

Drummer Benny Horowitz performing live Benny Horowitz


Drummer for The Gaslight Anthem
(& Antarctigo Vespucci, Mercy Union)

Producer, guitarist Brad Worrell at recording console Brad Worrell


Producer, rAging punk-rock guitarist
(The Goops, Soundwag)


Original gang at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio, with Doyle of The Misfits
L to R: Steven, Doyle, Jonah, Brad


Original gang at Converse Rubber Tracks studio
L to R: Steven, Doyle
(The Misfits), Jonah, Brad

Going Off Track was launched in 2012 by Brad, Steven Smith (FuseTV VJ) and Jonah Bayer (writer/podcaster, FuseTV, Vice, Alternative Press, Spin). After a few years, former guest Benny Horowitz started co-hosting, eventually becoming a full-time host. The founding premise of Going Off Track was based around the fact that when Steven was interviewing guests for Fuse, all the interesting conversations were happening while the lights were being setup. Once cameras started rolling it was all about PR and record-label priorities. Prior to that they'd discuss skateboarding, cooking or just about anything else of interest to the artist. So was born the casual, "living room conversation" dynamic of G.O.T.

Shortly after surpassing the 300th episode, Steven and Jonah found it necessary to put the show on hold. After a hiatus, Going Off Track v2.0 was launched just in time for the pandemic, somehow managing to keep the intimate dynamic of friendly conversation over internet connections. With Steven and Jonah's blessing, longtime co-host Benny Horowitz took the helm as main host with Brad chiming in from the co-pilot's seat.

Some of the guests to date include, Jack Antonoff, Fred Armisen, Fat Mike, Laura Jane Grace, Keenan Thompson, Blake Schwarzenbach, Jenny Lewis, Lights, Vanessa Bayer, Frankie Iero, Lyle Presslar, Mat Devine, Walter Schreifels and Nikki Sixx.

Going Off Track podcast hosts with Living Colour's Corey Glover and Vernon Reid

Steven, Brad, Stephen Grywalski (Pulse Music), Jonah, Vernon Reid & Corey Glover (Living Colour), Benny



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