Going Off Track is a weekly, interview show begun in 2012 by Jonah Bayer, Steven Smith and producer, Brad Worrell. The show's guest list leans towards the musical but with plenty of comedians, actors and generally interesting folks thrown in. Some of the guests to date include, Jack Antonoff, Fred Armisen, Fat Mike, Laura Jane Grace, Keenan Thompson, Blake Schwarzenbach, Jenny Lewis, Lights, Vanessa Bayer, Frankie Iero, Lyle Presslar, Mat Devine, Walter Schreifels and Nikki Sixx.

The show's premise was based around the fact that Steven (then a FuseTV host with Jonah his writer), realized that all the interesting conversations with guests were happening while the lights were being setup. Once cameras started rolling it was all about PR and record-label priorities. Prior to that they'd discuss skateboarding, cooking or just about anything else of interest to the artist. So was born the casual, "living room conversation" dynamic of Offtrack.

Benny Horowitz

Drummer for The Gaslight Anthem, Wax Bottles and Antarctigo Vespucci

Brad Worrell

Audio Designer, rAging Punk Rock Guitarist

The podcast is currently hosted by Benny Horowitz, (of The Gaslight Anthem) with co-host and longtime producer, Brad Worrell (Soundwag, The Goops).

If you are ever going to do your own podcast, listen to this over and over. The production, writing, and execution are near flawless.

There are moments in Going Off Track where, even though it is an audio-only show, listeners can practically hear the dropped jaws.

This Interview with Fat Mike Is Ridiculous Even by Fat Mike Standards