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So we’re now big fans of Silk City Hot Sauce. Everything is good about this stuff – small Batch Hot Sauce made in Vermont from Farm Grown Peppers. It’s got cool artwork on each bottle drawn by real comic artists. Very cool.

If you want to check it out, use our code “GOT” to get 15% off, a free bottle of sauce and stickers! And we’ll get paid! Win win!


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What’s new?

So if you’re a regular, you’re probably noticing that we’ve had a bit of a lag in releasing shows. To put it lightly. Well, we did announce that we were taking the summer off… and then we took another summer off… but if you are a regular listener then you’ve heard us talk about how cool those bands are that don’t announce breakups, because then they can just come back and do a show without a lot of hoopla. That’s what’s been going on with us.

But that’s over. Going Off Track will be coming back at you with regular, weekly episodes starting next month (March). The last two shows (LJG, Oso Oso) have been sort of placeholders so you don’t forget about us but the next show we put up (and it’s going to be a good one) will officially relaunch us, 2.0, let’s go.

Mystery Friend Theme

I’m sure that you’ve noticed the sweet little, “Mystery Friend Theme” that we’ve started using.

That’s thanks to creative geniuses,¬†Evan Moore & Linda Everswick. Thanks!

Live podcast celebrating our 300th episode!

Come help us celebrate this milestone at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Friday, March 16th, with special guests, Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker), Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion) and Laura Stevenson.



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